Spring Lawn Care


When the Forsythia begins to bloom the soil temperature is on the rise, which means it is time to apply Crabgrass prevention. Timing is important because the active ingredient is only effective for 60 days after it is applied to your lawn. By applying Crabgrass Preventer now you are preventing the germination of those weed seeds just waiting to take over your lawn later in the Spring. These products can also be used in your landscape beds around trees and shrubs and perennials to control weeds before they grow. This will save you a lot of work later on! Remember that you cannot plant grass seed for 60 days after applying unless you choose a Weed Preventer FOR SEEDING. We would be glad to discuss your lawn care needs anytime, and also remember that all of your lawn care can be taken care of ORGANICALLY  also. Just ASK US HOW!


Please watch this video to learn about THE NEW AMERICAN LAWN by Jonathan Green


Learn more about the variety of grass seeds and the application process: THE NEW AMERICAN LAWN by Jonathan Green




Soil pH map for Magical Plus

Jonathan Green’s Love Your Soil® assists in breaking up clay and loosens compacted soils, which improves root penetration, grass growth and root mass. Because hard and compacted soil is often the problem when it comes to growing a great lawn, this product is designed to help release nutrients trapped in the soil for premium grass growth.

Love Your Soil® also helps to stimulate soil microbial life. The bacteria and fungi in soil break down organic matter converting it to humus. Healthy biologically active soil contains as much as 5% organic humus while lawns that struggle might contain less than 1%.

Feeding a lawn synthetic, chemical fertilizers neglects the microbial life within the soil. In comparison, Love Your Soil® feeds and stimulates microbes to build a humus reserve which imparts nutrient-laden water and disease resistance. Microbial populations are responsible for recycling organic waste which makes the soil more porous allowing air, water, and grassroots to penetrate deeper.