Get Your Hardscaping And Landscaping Supplies At Phelps Nursery PGH West

Are you a DIY homeowner or contractor looking for quality hardscaping and landscaping supplies in the Pittsburgh area? Look no further than Phelps Nursery PGH West! Our local store has got all your outdoor needs covered with top-of-the-line materials, carefully selected to help you create stunning outdoor spaces. From pavement stones and pavers to shrubs…

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Pittsburgh Planting Tips for This Season

Yellow daffodil flowers

Spring is finally tiptoeing back into Pittsburgh, and with some careful planning and a pair of steady hands, it’s time for local green thumbs to get out there and connect with the earth once again. March can be a bit of a fickle time for planting, with winter reluctant to release its grip, but there’s…

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Optimal Watering Frequency for a Thriving Garden

woman watering plants

The verdant allure of a well-tended garden is a sight many homeowners aspire to, yet one of the seemingly straightforward elements – watering – often poses a conundrum. Mastering the art of watering your garden is not only a crucial element for its overall health and vibrancy but is also a practice that pairs well…

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Best Vegetables to Grow in Pittsburgh for Beginner Gardeners

Pittsburgh, a city of bridges and rivers, holds charm for its historical significance and its vibrant community. But it’s also a city nestled in a unique climate zone—the humid continental zone. This means gardeners in Steel City must be savvy about which vegetables to grow in their backyard patches or community plots. If you’re new…

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